Bergsenn AG

The pure pleasure of Alpine cheese

In the heart of the mountains of grisons lie the holiday regions of Savognin (at around 1,200 metres above sea level), , Disentis (1,130 metres above sea level) and Untervaz. Here, the employees of Bergsenn AG take great pride and care in producing their wonderful Swiss mountain cheese specialities.
During the summer months almost all the cows are put out to pasture on the Tarvisch, Nalades, Dado, Miez, Sura and Salaz Alps. From these Alpine meadows the healthiest, most nutritious Swiss mountain milk is piped directly into the Swiss mountain cheese dairies. There our experienced teams process the fresh milk to make delicious Swiss mountain speciality cheeses.
In order to keep our customers satisfied and to maintain the high quality of our products, our dairy staff are constantly developing new and different varieties of Swiss mountain cheese. The special ripening process in mountain caves and the natural rocks inside these caves give the Savogniner, Disentiser, Bündner and Heidi-Alpen Bergkäse the desired strength and particular ripeness. These hand-made Swiss mountain cheese specialities are available in different degrees of ripeness and in different flavours.
We are particularly proud of the valuable interaction we enjoy with our customers in Switzerland and abroad, and with our suppliers, farmers, employees and the local population.
We are happy to approach our daily work with the necessary duty of care and sense of responsibility.
And so, in this unspoilt Alpine environment, we create the “pure pleasure of Swiss mountain cheese!”

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