Bio-Genuss Käserei

The organic-relish Käserei Hofstetter is a young, small cheese-factory in the pre-alpine region. The traditional village dairy is situated in Rottal, near the city of Luzern. Customs and traditions make up the foundation of our cheese delicacies. We see regionality, speciality and quality as a great chance against mass production. Faithful to our company philosophy – no mass produced wares, but unique, artisanal cheeses – with passion and heart’s blood, we create our cheese specialities using our high-quality organic milk.

This policy shows, especially with our soft cheese production. Our soft cheeses are created according to old recipes, down-to-earth and traditional manners. Indulgent and without mechanical processing, the cheese curd is hand-scooped and filled into the cheese molds.
These ancient production methods liven up the raw milk soft cheese. The lush, herbal meadows of Rottal and the lovely, hilly landscape further influence the unique, characteristic flavour of our cheese specialities.
This is what’s special about or cheeses and distinguishes them from mass produced wares.

Georg Hofstetter
Rüediswilerstrasse 99, CH-6017 Ruswil
Telefon: +41 (0)41 480 30 04