bonCas AG

Indulging our passion for soft cheese, we produced our first mould-ripened soft cheese in 1992 in the Thurgau village of Lustdorf. Alongside the traditional production of Emmental, we began to develop more and more cow’s milk speciality cheeses. Since 1999 we have produced a range of soft cheeses in Dotzigen, in the Biel-Seeland region. With the guiding principle of “a fine aroma, a full-bodied flavour, a traditional recipe”, our small, highly motivated team works hard each day to produce delicious, premium quality speciality cheeses.
The milk comes from the surrounding area and from the nearby Jura region.
We use this milk to create full fat or creamy soft cheeses, which are either mould-ripened in the traditional way, rind-washed or marinated in white wine.

Our company is ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001: 2004 certified and the milk processed in compliance with the Bio Suisse guidelines.

Ueli Moser
Lyssstrasse 12, CH-3293 Dotzigen
Telefon: +41 (0)32 351 12 13, Telefax: +41 (0)32 351 47 10