Fromagerie des Franches-Montagnes SA

The Kälin cheese dairy has a beautiful setting in the Freiberg Mountains; a largely unspoilt region in the foothills of the Alps. It was founded here in 1910 and until 1972 its main products were Greyerzer, a little Tête de Moine and some Tommes. Since 1972, when it was repurchased by Charles Kälin, it has been operating as a private family business that has gradually developed over the years, by producing a number of different types of cheese. When the Girolle appeared on the market and demand for Tête de Moine increased, production of Greyerzer went into something of a decline.

We acquired the cheese dairy in 1997 and are keeping the old tradition going. Today we process around 3,300,000 kg milk each year, making a number of different specialities, including approx. 200 tons of Tête de Moine AOC and 51 tons of Greyerzer AOC. We also sell around 7,000 litres of fresh, untreated milk in our shop.

Our team consists of 2 cheese makers, 1 skilled worker, 3 dairy staff and 2 sales assistants. In our shop we offer a wide range of different types of cheese. We are happy to put together gift hampers or cheese platters for use as canapés or dessert. Just give us a call!

Fromagerie des Franches-Montagnes SA
Rue de l’Avenir 2, 2340 Le Noirmont

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