Fromages Spielhofer SA

In St. Imier in the beautiful Bernese Jura, Fromages Spielhofer SA operates a commercial cheese dairy. Every day, a milk tanker, resplendent with its gleaming chrome tank, collects the milk from 50 producers from the mountain region (between 700 – 1,200 metres above sea level) and brings it back to be processed. Many delicious speciality cheeses are made from this fresh milk: Tête-de-Moine (Gold Medal at the Mountain Cheese Olympics in Saint-Vincent 2002), Mont-Soleil (Gold Medal at the Mountain Cheese Olympics in Saint-Vincent 2002), Gruyère, Bio-Renan with Demeter Label, Bio-Gruyère, Fromage-de-montagne du Jura, Eolienne à la crème and Hafechäs.
Every week our speciality cheeses are delivered throughout Switzerland in a special refrigerated vehicle. Around one third of our cheese production goes for export.
The St. Imier cheese dairy gets its electricity from the vast wind power station nearby, Juvent SA, which entitles it to use the label “Eolienne” (wind turbine). Since this wind power station on Mont-Crosin is a popular tourist attraction, the high cost of the electricity is compensated for by the fact that it offers Fromages Spielhofer SA an outstanding marketing opportunity.

Sepp Spielhofer
Rue de l’Envers 16, CH-2610 St-Imier
Telefon: +41 (0)32 940 17 44, Telefax:+41 (0)32 940 17 45