Molkerei Davos

Covering a total of 258.8 km2, Davos is the second largest community in Switzerland. Davos – the highest city in Europe – has 13,000 permanent inhabitants and the capacity to accommodate a further 20,000 visitors in the winter season.
The Molkerei Davos was founded in the year 1905. The “Controll Molkerei Davos”, as it was known then, was set up as a public limited company and provided milk for the entire Davos region. Even now, this is still the primary activity of the Molkerei Davos.
In 1999 the production and business side was overhauled and equipped with the latest technology, so that today the Molkerei complies fully with the strictest safety and hygiene standards. Around 70 % of the milk produced in the area around Davos goes to the dairy and is turned into fresh produce and cheese.The range of products marketed under the “Davoser” brand name includes pasteurised milk, whipping cream, yoghurt, cream cheese, various semi-hard cheese varieties and both sheep’s and goat’s cheeses. The Molkerei Davos was even presented with the “Prix d’Innovation Agricole Suisse 2002” by Federal Assembly member Couchepin for its “Monsteiner Brauerchäs”.

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