Molkerei Käserei Hanspeter Schnider & Co.

Our family business is located in the Canton of Obwalden in the heart of Central Switzerland. Since 1988 we have run our milk and cheese dairy in the community of Giswil, at 520 metres above sea level.
Eight milk suppliers from the local area bring approx. 1,200 kg fresh cow’s milk to us each day, and we use this to make our speciality products. We produce pan-fry cheese, Schwingerkäse, Giswilerstockkäse, Loiwisteikäse, full cream milk and fresh milk,  over 25 different varieties of yoghurt in 500g glass containers and 150g pots as well as whipping cream, butter and Ziger. We are proud of our work and fully committed to producing healthy, high quality, nutritious products.

Experiencing the joys of Alpine life!
During the summer months we also run a beautiful Alpine cheese dairy up on the Fluonalp, with a informal Alpine eatery along with guest accommodation. The Fluonalp (1.538 meters above sea level) lies at the foot of Giswilerstock, in a protected nature and wildlife reserve. It is the perfect starting point or resting point for longer walks. Every day in our Alpine cheese dairy we produce our specialities of Sbrinz and Alpine cheeses as well as fresh butter, Ziger and cream.
Visit us and enjoy the picturesque views of the Sarneraatal valley!

Molkerei-Käserei Schnider AG
Thomas Schnider
Chilchweg 23, CH-6074 Giswil
Telefon: +41 (0)41 676 60 80, Telefax: +41 (0)41 676 60 89