Schafmilchkäserei Koster

The sheep’s milk dairy F. & F. Koster lies 900 metres above sea level, directly next to the Zurich Höhenklinik, above the township of Wald. We first opened for business in 1990 and have continued to expand ever since. In 1997 we gave the cheese dairy a complete overhaul.
We currently process around 200,000 kg of sheep’s milk from various regions of Switzerland and 30,000 kg of organic cow’s milk from a neighbouring farm.

The milk is produced in a conventional, organic way, and some of it is processed separately. Our products are sold via wholesalers, specialist cheese merchants, the “natürli Bieri AG” marketing organisation and through some direct sales to consumers.
The business is run by the managing couple and their two grown-up daughters. Alongside our cheese dairy we also breed and manage a small herd of Jersey cows.

Our basic principles:
We only produce what we can sell.
We strive to produce a high quality product.

Franz Koster
Hittenbergstrasse 50, CH-8636 Wald/Faltigberg
Telefon: +41 (0)55 246 34 27/28, Telefax: +41 (0)55 246 57 00