Seiler Käserei AG

In the heart of Switzerland lies the Seiler Käserei AG. This modern milk processing operation is located in Sarnen, the main town in the Canton of Obwalden. The mild climate here offers the perfect conditions for milk production.
Cheese was first made in its current location in 1972. Since being founded, the Seiler Käserei AG has specialised in the production of tender Raclette cheese and Obwaldner Bratkäse. The excellent quality has come to epitomise outstanding Raclette. Production has steadily increased and the operation keeps up to date with all the latest developments. Today, in our modern, exceptionally high performance cheese dairy we employ 18 members of staff and 2 apprentices.
Our products carry plenty of experience and tradition, coupled with new developments in the fields of research and technology. We aim to maintain and build on our good reputation and well known standards of quality. We want to offer consumers a real treat for the palate!

Felix Schibli
Bitzighoferstrasse 11, 6060 Sarnen
Telefon: +41 (0)41 660 80 40, Telefax: +41 (0)41 660 89 43 |